Welcome to St Albans Trapeze and Aerial Arts. We offer classes for adults and children in static trapeze, aerial silks, aerial yoga and more in a friendly and welcoming environment.

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October classes available to book from Sunday 27 September at 7pm. 

Classes for adults, teenagers, children, and home education classes are all running in COVID-friendly environments and small groups.

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We are St Albans' first aerial community. We offer a range of classes for adults, children and teenagers on static trapeze, aerial silks, corde lisse, aerial yoga and aerial hoop in St Albans and Harpenden

We believe that trapeze and aerial arts can be learned and enjoyed by anyone. If you want to get fit, strong and flexible in a fun way - or simply if you've always dreamed of running away to the circus! - our classes are for you. There's no upper age limit and you don't need to have any prior experience to take part - just a willingness to give it your best.

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Static trapeze is our bread and butter - it's what we start our beginners on and it's our most popular piece of equipment. Not to be confused with flying trapeze, static trapeze is all about making strong, beautiful shapes while you move your body around the trapeze. We also teach basic doubles trapeze on request.

Aerial Silks

With billowing ribbons of fabric and seemingly death-defying drops, aerial silks performances look glamorous and daring - but be warned, these stretchy pieces of fabric can be tricky to conquer at first! However, the feeling of defying gravity is definitely worth it. 

Aerial Hoop 

Increasingly popular in recent years, the aerial hoop (or lyra as it is sometimes known) offers huge potential for a variety of different tricks, poses and spins. 


Also known by its fancy French name, corde lisse, aerial rope is exactly as it sounds. While we always teach basic rope climbing as part of our classes, the art of aerial rope offers so much more and will do wonders for your fitness.


Two straps with loops for the hands attached to a pivot, aerial straps require extreme strength and precision in order to successfully execute tricks and moves. Not a piece of equipment for those new to aerial! Taught on request by straps artiste Leanne Laird.

Aerial Yoga

A fusion of aerial arts and traditional yoga, aerial yoga offers a mindful and relaxing way of increasing flexibility, mobility and strength, as well as improving posture.

Where are we

The Yoga Hall
11 Hatfield Rd,
St Albans

Map Yoga Hall

Ragged Hall lane
St Albans

Ragged Hall Lane, St Albans

The Grove Junior School
10 Dark Ln,

The Grove Junior School Harpenden


Kate Hounslow

Former Opera House lighting technician Kate became hooked on trapeze at London's Circus Space (now the National Centre for Circus Arts) when she joined their adult programme in 1998 - there she discovered the joy of hanging upside down by unexpected parts of the body on a variety of pieces of equipment, including static trapeze, corde lisse and silks.

She continued training there just for the fun of it until having children seven years later. She came to St Albans to retrain in 2012. Kate is our head of health & safety and aerial rigging, and also in charge of organising our children's aerial circus birthday parties.

Ali Newcombe

Ali is our resident aerial yoga teacher and is also in charge of social media marketing and website communications for St Albans Trapeze.

Ali has been teaching aerial skills for over five years now. She studied and trained aerial arts for three months full time at the Essential Aerial Professionals course at My Aerial Home in London in 2017 where she specialised in solo static trapeze. She is also a qualified yoga teacher.

Now retired from competing, Ali and Pete won the semi-finals in the UK Aerial Performance Championships 2016 and performed in the finals of this competition in 2017 with their doubles trapeze routine. Ali won the semi-finals in 2017 in the instructor category on solo dance trapeze. In 2018, she was invited to join the cast of 1920s-themed show Party Like Gatsby.

She can be found on social media as @alidoesaerial and @aerialyogawithali

Leanne Laird

A professional aerialist and performer for over seven years now, our lead instructor Leanne Laird first started training in aerial arts at Circomedia, where she specialised in aerial acrobatics. She has since performed in venues including London's infamous Club Antichrist and for a variety of agencies. Leanne has a comprehensive knowledge of anatomy and its application to aerial activities and injury prevention. She recently spent three months training aerial full time at Greentop Circus in Sheffield, where she specialised in aerial straps.

While Leanne devotes most of her energy to straps (a physically demanding discipline not to be undertaken without prior aerial experience), she has a diverse knowledge of all the main aerial apparatus including static trapeze, aerial hoop, corde lisse and silks. She is available for intermediate and advanced teaching and private lessons on request.

Leanne can be found on social media as @leannelairdaerialist.

Peter Wilson

Despite not discovering aerial until his early 40s, Pete, 56, is now an enthusiastic proponent of the benefits of aerial skills for everyone. He has been practising at St Albans for over 10 years now, and most enjoys doubles trapeze, silks and partner acrobalance. 

Pete was awarded first place in the amateur category for trapeze at the UK Aerial Nationals 2015, and along with doubles trapeze partner Ali, achieved first place in their heat of the semi-finals in the UK Aerial Performance Championships 2016. He also performed in the finals of this competition in 2017.

He currently attends many aerial and acrobalance conventions up and down the country, and also trains regularly at the Cambridge Circus Community. He also built this website!

Sarah Aitchison

Our children's teacher Sarah is usually found hanging upside down, studying for her degree in psychology, or eating pizza (though not all at the same time). She was first taught the joy of aerial circus skills by Rachel Walker (Ali's older sister) when she was 10 years old, after which she auditioned and succeeded in gaining a place in the National Youth Circus Group at London's National Centre for Circus Arts. As a result, Sarah has a wealth of knowledge, empathy and experience to share with the children who attend our classes.

Sarah specialises in aerial silks and improvisational static trapeze, and loves nothing more than devising new shapes, moves and transitions on aerial equipment. She's also adept at doubles trapeze, rope climbing and static cloud swing. She teaches in our Sunday children's circus skills class and also helps out with our children's circus parties.

Natalie Ryan

Office worker by day and aerial silks superstar by night, Natalie has been practising aerial silks for five years now. She mainly works on aerial silks, but is also competent on static trapeze and aerial hoop. As well as training on Friday evening, Natalie can also be found teaching the teenagers in our 4.30pm intermediate class, and occasionally helping out with the Sunday children's aerial class.

When she's not upside down, Natalie enjoys live music with her friends, having fabulous hair, and the companionship of her feline friends.

Want to know more?

Aerial skills are one of the most effective ways to improve strength and flexibility in a very friendly atmosphere. Skills can be adapted to all abilities. It's also a lot of fun!

We've put together answers to some questions we're often asked.

For any other queries about classes, parties or private sessions, just drop us a line.


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