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  • Static Trapeze classes, Aerial Silks classes, Aerial Hoop Classes, Aerial Hammock Classes, Children's Aerial Classes, Teenagers' Aerial Classes and Home-Education Classes are all available to book in COVID-friendly environments in small groups.
  • Everyone attending Yoga Hall classes will have their own apparatus and crash mats 
  • Children's, teenagers' aerial classes and private aerial classes are based in Chiswell Green in the outside aerial marquee. 
  • Please adhere to social distancing guidelines and wear a face covering if you are aged 12 and over. 
  • Please ensure you've signed and completed the new PAR-Q before attending Yoga Hall classes and have read our COVID-19 Class Protocol
  • Parents of children and teenagers attending the classes in the outside aerial marquee in Chiswell Green must have signed our PAR-Q for under-18s before attending.

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Aerial skills are one of the most effective ways to improve strength and flexibility in a very friendly atmosphere. Skills can be adapted to all abilities. It's also a lot of fun!

We've put together answers to some questions we're often asked.

For any other queries about classes, parties or private sessions, just drop us a line.


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