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  • Static Trapeze classes, Aerial Silks classes, Aerial Hoop Classes, Aerial Hammock Classes, Children's Aerial Classes, Teenagers' Aerial Classes and Home-Education Classes are all available to book in a COVID-friendly environment in small groups.
  • Everyone attending Yoga Hall classes will have their own apparatus and crash mats unless you've chosen to 'bubble' with someone. Apparatus will not be used by anyone else until at least 48 hours after last usage. 
  • When coming to class at the Yoga Hall, please: wait outside the hall before the instructor calls you in​; wash your hands in the bathrooms before coming into the hall; bring only the essentials with you (water bottle, your own chalk/rosin)​; leave your shoes in the shoe rack outside the hall; arrive at least 10 minutes early for your class​; maintain social distancing and remain at your station throughout the class.
  • Please ensure you've signed and completed the new PAR-Q before attending Yoga Hall classes and have read our COVID-19 Class Protocol
  • Parents of children and teenagers attending the classes in the outside aerial marquee in Chiswell Green must have signed our PAR-Q for under-18s before attending.

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Aerial skills are one of the most effective ways to improve strength and flexibility in a very friendly atmosphere. Skills can be adapted to all abilities. It's also a lot of fun!

We've put together answers to some questions we're often asked.

For any other queries about classes, parties or private sessions, just drop us a line.


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