Aerial Yoga with Ali

Standing in Aerial Hammock

Aerial yoga classes in Harpenden take place at Grove Junior School. Suitable for complete beginners aged 18+.

Class times: Sunday 10.00-11.00am and Wednesday 8-9pm

Regular price per lesson is £15. You can also buy a block of 6 lessons for £75.

For more information and to book classes, please go to

Aerial yoga is a fusion of aerial arts, traditional yoga and pilates. Many people find it easier than floor yoga, as the hammock (which can hold up to 500kg) is used to take a lot of the student's weight, reducing pressure on the joints of the body. In addition, inversion poses (when you're upside down) are a great way to increase circulation around the body and decompress your vertebrae.

If you're worried that you might not have enough upper body or core strength to join in our other aerial classes, aerial yoga is fantastic for strengthening, stretching, and getting you used to being upside down before you join us on the trapeze! However, they're also effective as standalone classes and are sure to leave you feeling limber and relaxed.

Aerial yoga should not be performed if you have high or low blood pressure, glaucoma, osteoporosis, or have recently had surgery.

Aerial yoga classes are taught by Ali Walker, who is qualified and accredited to teach aerial yoga by the World Yoga Alliance. To register your interest for classes, please email [email protected]

Want to know more?

Aerial skills are one of the most effective ways to improve strength and flexibility in a very friendly atmosphere. Skills can be adapted to all abilities. It's also a lot of fun!

We've put together answers to some questions we're often asked.

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